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NFTs by Erbil Gunasti & Daphne Barak Film and Television Producers Geo-Political Subject Matter Experts

By DEP Holdings

DEP Holdings creates NFTs based on "original content" exclusively from the "Daphne Barak Library." The "Triology" of Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston makes up the first eighteen drops. DEP Holdings also incorporates "EGIL" properties, starting with the "Dark Horse" series NFTs in California.

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Triology of AMW

The Triology of AMW consists of NFTs, telling exclusive stories, based on the "original content" from the "Daphne Barak Library," regarding Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston.

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Dark Horse

Dark Horse Series (TM) is an EGIL conceptualized DEP Holdings, LLC property, developed as an istrument to inform public in the USA. The concept first put in action in California on the eve of the Recall Election for Governor (2021).   Click here for more on the Dark Horse NFT drops. 

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