Daphne Barak News Innovator. Film and Television Producer, Geo-Political Subject Matter Expert

Dennis Troesch Daphne Barak
US Senators w Bill n Daphne (8)
Steve Bannon Daphne Barak Erbil Gunasti
Bill Gunasti Daphne Barak Rand Paul
Chris Rudy n Nicole w Daphne n Bill
Shemane Daphne Ted Nugetn
Thomas Barrack Daphne Barak HR McMaster
Mitt Romney Daphne Barak
Kathleen Turner Daphne Barak
HR McMaster Daphne Barak
Daphne Barak Jon Voight Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium
Daphne Barak Kristina Golandris
Daphne Barak Big Baby Glen Davis
Angela Walid Daphne Donald rszd 825
NY US Rep King and Daphne Barak
Trump vs Hollywood Stars
Sheryl Crow Daphne Barak
Sarah Sanders Victoria n Daphne
Sol Kezner Daphne Barak
Daphne Barak  Miriam Adelson
Daphne Barak Luciano Pavarotti
Daphne Barak Benazir Bhutto
Mama Sarah Obama Daphne Barak
Eric Trump Daphne Barak
Daphne Barak Mike Pompeo
Daphne Barak Bill Gunasti Prince Charles
Roseanne Barr Daphne Barak Jon Voight
Eliza Roberts Daphne Barak
Eric Roberts Daphne Barak
Daphne Barak Kristy Swanson
Scott Baio Daphne Barak
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Too many to list all of them. Daphne Barak Library consists of more than three hundred fifty original content, most are iconic personalities.  


Daphne Barak conducted sit-down filmed interviews that were "breaking news" and historical in nature that made the biggest ratings in the US network televisions. 

On the right, four from the ICONS series, plus the last one, realeased in 2020.

Trump vs Hollywood The Two White Houses
Citizen Shimon
Maestro at Home
The Kid from Detroit
America's Son: JFK Jr
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Daphne Barak published her sixth book in 2019

She co-authored her seventh book with Erbil Gunasti, published in 2021

Barak and Gunasti co-authored two other books

Currently, they are working on two more 

Struggling for One America - 3d
Coming Home w the Kennedys
GameChanger By Erbil Gunasti
Saving Amy by Daphne Barak
My Benazir By Daphne Barak
To Plea or Not To Plea
Mama Sarah Obama Our Dreams and Roots
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  • Trump Delegate 2016 and 2020

  • International Interviewer, syndicated in all major media markets around the world

  • Executive Producer of Television Shows and ICONS series documentaries

Barak is known with her hundreds of "Big Gets!"

  • She executive produced television shows with Elisabeth Murdoch, one reached one billion people on broadcast in fifty three countries 

    • "Our Son: Michael Jackson"  

    • "Tale of Two Sisters:Liza Minnelli" 

  • She, recently,also scooped Special Council Mueller Investigation, for example, and published TO PLEA OR NOT TO PLEA the story of Rick Gates, one of the leading withnesses

Check below the following quote and links, involving Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto.

  • Amy Winehouse widely quoted to have said on Daphne's best selling Saving Amy book: "Only Daphne Barak can explain my complicated life!

Legacy and Justice are important pillars in life!