Erbil Gunasti Tim Scott Daphne Barak
Erbil Gunasti Tim Scott Daphne Barak

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Erbil Gunasti Kevin McCarthy Daphne Barak
Erbil Gunasti Kevin McCarthy Daphne Barak

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Karen Devine MayorGUNASTI
Karen Devine MayorGUNASTI

KVCR / NBC Interview during the mayoral run

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Erbil Gunasti Tim Scott Daphne Barak
Erbil Gunasti Tim Scott Daphne Barak

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Bill Gunasti aka Erbil Gunasti & Mayor Gunasti Film & Television Producer Geo-political Subject Matter Expert

Marble Surface

2022 & 2024 US ELECTIONS

2020 was eventful. The Covid-19 dramas and tragedies victimized the Presidential Election

2021 became hopeful when Californians decided to go for a Recall Election for Governor.

Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti privately met with four front runners in the race.

Larry Elder was the last to join the party. Unfortunately, the Republicans failed miserably. 

Who is idea was it to push Abortion to the agenda when Homless was the biggest issue in the state?

The prospects for Republicans look promising in the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

Barak and Gunasti are expected to endorse number of candidates in the House of Representative races. 


The 2024 presidential election campaign is sure to begin as early as January 2023 for Gunasti & Barak. They intend to be on board at the earliest like they were in June 2015, with the winning candidate.



Representing 36th district in California, at the 2020 Charlotte, North Carolina Republican National Convention


CAGOP  DELEGATE 2019 Indian Wells, 2018 San Diego, 2017 Anaheim, 2917 Sacramento​ 


PRE-COMMITTED TRUMP DELEGATE Representing 36th district in California, at the 2016 Cleveland, Ohio Republican National Convention


CAGOP DELEGATE 2016 San Francisco

MAYORAL RUN in Palm Springs, California, in 2015


Press Officer at the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations in New York,

representing the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey

Served Prime Ministers: Suleyman Demirel, Erdal Inonu, Tansu Ciller, Mesut Yilmaz, Necmettin Erbakan, Bulent Ecevit, Abdullah Gul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan from 1992 to 2008

International Trade

Exported stainless steel alloys from US to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong in the late 1980s and early 1990s


New York University MA 1987: Political Science, Diplomacy & International Negotiations. Specialized in International Regimes. University of Miami BA 1984: Majored in Politics and Public Affairs. Minors in Philosophy, Spanish and Arts. Schooling in the Middle East, Europe, and North America


Fluent in English, French, Turkish. Enough Spanish, German, Italian

Arabic n Hebrew very very very questionable. And in that order!