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According to Gunasti: America From California

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

"According to Gunasti: America from California" blog by Erbil Gunasti, aka Bill and MayorGunasti will attempt to provide timely and useful perception about America to Turkish audience worldwide. It will strive to do what is doing for the Conservative audience in America and about pop culture projects of Erbil Gunasti and Daphne Barak. See the links at the bottom!

-Published Author

--Television and Film Producer

---Geo-Strategic Subject Matter Expert

----Turkish, French, American Educated

-----Republican Delegate Representing 36th District in California

------Naturalized American with Turkish Heritage and Dual Citizenship

Blog's Basis & Basics

In Turkish: For Turkish audience in Turkiye, Europe and Asia by a Turkish-American

About: Anecdotes from Hi-Life & Hi-Society in California, New York, Florida, Wash DC.

Audience: Family, friends, and followers trusting/sharing with a newly naturalized American

Purpose: Disseminating informative and educational point of views via Erbil/Bill/MayorGunasti

Perspective: Republican, SoCal Minded, Nationalist, Fiscally Conservative, Compassionate

Political Heavy: Involving Presidential, US Senate, and House of Representative elections

Pop-Culture Political: Based on Personal Experiences w/ Hollywood stars and entertainers

English blogs by Erbil/Bill/MayorGunasti:


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