Published in 2020


Trump Card:

Erdogan & Turkey

Post Hill Press in USA 

New Holland Publishers

in Australia

Produced documentary film


Released in October 2020






Since 2000

- Hollywood elite and the world's most famous people... are part of author, executive producer, international interviewer Daphne Barak's world.

- Gunasti is also part of Barak's world as an executive producer of documentaries, photographer, editor of her books.

- Photography is a hobby for Gunasti. He has been exclusively shooting icons of the world when they were filming with Daphne Barak, printed in many leading outlets worldwide.

- Gunasti also manages Barak's vast network of print and broadcast outlets in all major media markets in Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Wael Al Sager Erbil Gunasti

Cannes, France